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The Brunch Bunch

Project Overview + Mission:
The Brunch Bunch illustration pack was conceived as a versatile resource for graphic designers, offering a delightful array of illustrations spanning from coffee kettles to breakfast pastries. Infused with bold lines and vibrant colors, this pack embodies a playful and lively aesthetic.

The Outcome:
This pack features a diverse collection of individual icons and seamlessly coordinated patterns, the Brunch Bunch pack provides designers with the tools to infuse their creations with personality and flair. Whether used individually or combined into compositions, these illustrations are sure to add a touch of joy and vibrancy to any design endeavor.

The Process

The Brunch Bunch illustration pack journey starts with research and sketching, capturing ideas and concepts. Using Procreate on my iPad, I create the designs with bold lines and bright colors. Afterward, I refine the final designs in Adobe Illustrator, ensuring each illustration is polished and ready for use.

The Brunch bunch icons

The Final Icons

The Brunch Bunch illustration pack includes over 25 icons in linework and color fill styles, four repeatable patterns, and eight pre-made logos. All assets are 100% vectored, allowing effortless editing and resizing.

The Brunch Bunch Icons in blue linework
Linework Icons
Brunch Bunch Icons in Color
Color & Linework Icons
The Brunch bunch pastries on plates illustration
The Brunch bunch baked goods illustration
The Brunch bunch table illustration
The Brunch Bunch Plate Pattern
Pattern Design
The Brunch Bunch Donut Logo Pinterest Post
The Brunch Bunch Coffee Logo Pinterest Post
The Brunch Bunch Pinterest Post and Business Card Mockup
Pinterest Social Media Design
The Brunch Bunch pre made logos
Logo Design

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