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Legacy Fresh Farms

Project Overview + Mission:
Legacy Fresh Farms is a Controlled Environmental Agricultural (CEA) facility serving Oklahoma and other local regions. The mission of Legacy Fresh Farms is to provide healthy, local foods accessible to all people throughout the full calendar year. Legacy Fresh Farms is run by an experienced and knowledgeable founding team including Coach Barry Switzer. The goal of this project was to create a modern logo that provided a fresh take on this new CEA facility in Oklahoma while speaking to Barry Switzer's football legacy.

Logo Design

My Role in This Project:
Logo design

Project Outcome:
The outcome of this project is a modern logo that utilizes thick strokes, implied shapes for visual interest, and fresh earthy colors. It was also important for us to convey the legacy of Barry Switzer's football background in a discrete way. We were able to do this by utilizing football shapes within the fields of the icon design.

The Process

For Legacy Fresh Farms, my process was dynamic. I began by exploring various sketches, experimenting with different ideas, concepts, and shapes to capture the essence of the brand. One notable aspect was incorporating the shape of a football to honor Barry Switzer's legacy. Through this iterative process, each design element was refined, resulting in a polished logo that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition.

Legacy Fresh Farms Logo Sketches
Legacy Fresh Farms Primary Logo
Primary Logo
Legacy Fresh Farms Wordmark
Legacy Fresh Farms Icon
Legacy Fresh Farms Icon Mockup on Cutting Board with Veggies
Legacy Fresh Farms Logo Mockup on Wood with Vegetables

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