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Illustration Design

With years of experience in the world of illustration, I have crafted captivating visuals that have evolved and transformed over time.

The initial style of my illustrations embraced a modern aesthetic, characterized by bold linework and vibrant colors. However, I have always had a passion for experimentation and pushing the boundaries of style. As a result, my illustrations showcases a diverse range of artistic endeavors, ranging from the whimsical charm of cottage core to the sleek aesthetics of modern vintage.

Influenced by a fusion of inspirations, I enjoy playing with bold colors and constantly seek new ways to innovate and express myself through my illustrations. Each piece in my collection represents a unique chapter in my artistic journey.

The Process

My journey in illustration begins with thorough research and sketching, where I capture and refine ideas using Procreate on my iPad. The initial designs take shape here, laying the foundation for what follows. Transitioning to Adobe Illustrator, I meticulously refine each illustration, ensuring they are polished and ready for use. One piece holds particular significance in my creative journey: "The Caffeinated Imagination." Originating as a painting for my best friend in middle school, this artwork has evolved over the years, manifesting as poster illustrations and even gracing the cover of my same friend's poetry book. This piece has been a constant companion throughout my design journey, with a unique twist – it's also been adapted into a tattoo, forever marking this chapter of my creative evolution on my arm.

The Caffeinated Imagination Hand Drawn IllustrationThe Caffeinated Imagination Book Cover Sketch ConceptsThe Caffeinated Imagination Final Book Sketch Concept
The Caffeinated Imagination Final Illustration with Text
The Caffeinated Imagination Book Mockup in hand
Cuckoo for You Illustration
The Apprentice Bookshelf illustration/gif

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