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Tiny Seed Family Nutrition

Project Overview + Mission:
This branding endeavor was  for Diana Rice, a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Inspired by the resilience depicted in Eric Carle's "The Tiny Seed," our goal was to symbolize growth amidst adversity. Tiny Seed Family Nutrition addresses weighty topics such as food decision-making and societal pressures amplified by cultural and social media influences.


The Outcome:
The culmination is a fresh brand identity that infuses modernity, vibrancy, and whimsy. By introducing a contemporary and lively aesthetic, our aim was to impart a newfound sense of optimism to Diana's clientele in confronting the complexities of food and body image. The brand exudes positivity, serving as a beacon of hope and empowerment in navigating what can often feel like a daunting journey.

See the Design in Action: tinyseednutrition.com

The Process

This branding project commences with thorough research to grasp trends, audience preferences, and stylistic possibilities. From there, I transition into sketching, refining ideas into visual concepts. Throughout the process, I work closely with the client, accommodating multiple sketching rounds as they further discover their style and refine their preferences. These collaborative efforts ensure the final design truly reflects their vision. Witness the evolution from initial sketches to polished creations, spanning a full brand, icon, and social media templates.

Tiny Seed Sketch 1
Tiny Seed Sketch 2
Tiny Seed Sketch 3
Tiny Seed Primary Logo
Primary Logo
Tiny Seed Secondary Logo
Secondary Logo
Tiny Seed Brand Mockup Green with logos and stationaryTiny Seed Brand Mockup Blue with logos and stationary
Tiny Seed Brand Mockup Pink with logos and stationaryTiny Seed Brand Mockup Yellow with logos and stationary
Tiny Seed Social Media Mockup 3Tiny Seed Social Media Mockup 2
Tiny Seed Social Media Mockup 4Tiny Seed Social Media Mockup 1

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